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Options for the supporters and traffic tips

We explain you different options to see the Zegama-Aizkorri marathon in Sancti-Spiritu and from here you can also climb following the yellow points to Aizkorri.

First option (Bus + walk)

At 07:30 and 08:00 a bus will take you from the Zegama square to the train station. With the help of guides you will take the track that will take you directly to Sancti Spiritu, the mythical point of the race where the Supporter Point will be located. There is no need to make a reservation and the bus makes the necessary turns to take anyone who wants to get on at the train stop.

The route is 6.3km long and has a positive difference in altitude of 450m.

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Second option (walk)

From the square in Zegama you can go up to Sancti Spiritu following the Camino de Santiago which is marked with yellow arrows.

It is a 6.9km climb with a positive difference in altitude of 661m.

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Traffic tips

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Race triptych with all information

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Public bus timetable - line GO01 (Beasain-Zegama)

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