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In 2021 we will enjoy another way

Today was going to be the day chosen for the 2021 Zegama-Aizkorri, but instead we want to publicize the initiative that we are going to do during the summer. This summer we are going to give you the opportunity to enjoy Zegama in another way!

June 6, 2021, that was the date we set for the celebration of this year's Zegama-Aizkorri mountain marathon. This weekend was going to be the weekend in which the town would be filled with people, color and life. As we reported on March 30, this year too, taking into account the state of health, we decided not to celebrate.

But we ended that message saying: "See you soon!" And it's the time to present the initiative that we have had in hand during all these months.

In 2021 you won't be able to live the experience of the race but you will be able to live the excitement of running and competing for Zegama!

This summer Zegama will return! Yes, you read correctly, in another way, but Zegama will return. Thanks to the OTR application, a group of runners will be able to put on the bib every day and perform the 42 km of the marathon in once or in 4 stages. We will shortly release the complete information on this unique summer initiative.

So in the next few months we can see each other!