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Tranquility and responsibility

Tranquility and responsibility, that is what we ask. RESPONSIBILITY.

Without any doubt, we will follow all the indications and recommendations that come to us from the Basque Government and the Spanish Government. We are in “Alert State” and we are responsible with all the actions we take.

We believe in community, we know that the challenge ahead isn’t easy, but we must stop thinking individually and start thinking collectively. Let’s try to follow all the indications they have given us.

Fortunately, we live in a small town like Zegama. Let’s teach to children and adults how much fun is to clean your hands frequently doing the butterfly, if the surroundings and the weather allow us let’s to go for a little walk, let’s take care of those around us the time we need…

We, the organization of the Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia, continue working on this year’s edition. As we said earlier, we believe in community, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to celebrate our race all these years, the work of the volunteers is essential. Let’s take care of each other during these days, so life can continue later.

We will communicate all our decisions in the official media, which will be our website and our social networks.(FacebookTwitterInstagram).

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