1. Date and place

The XIX. Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia will be held on the 6th of June, 2021 if the health situation allows it in the town of Zegama (Gipuzkoa) and will start at 9:00 a.m.

2. Course

The event roams over the 2 sides of the Sierra of Aizkorri, it is 42.195 km in length, with an accumulated height gain of 5,472m. The measurements have been officially confirmed by technicians of the Basque Mountain Federation.

3. Point scoring

The race will score for the Golden Trail World Series 2021.

4. Participation

All athletes, mountaineers and sportsmen and women over the age of 18 will be able to participate, with a maximum of 500 runners, assuming that the instructions in these regulations are followed and that the requirements detailed here are fulfilled.

5. Categories

(Age on the day of the event)

Male category:

Master: more than18 years old
Veterans: 40 and over

Female category:

Master: more than18 years old
Veterans: 40 and over

6. Enrolement

There will be no pre-registrations for 2021. The bib numbers distributed in 2020 will be saved.

7. Price

The cost of inscription is 70€. The cost of enrolment includes the right to participate in the event, civil responsibility and accident insurance, the use of all services provided by the Organisation for the participants, and includes various gifts.

8. Singposting

The course will be properly marked out with signpost indicators and pathway tapes clearly visible. There will be kilometre references throughout the course.

9. Check points

Throughout the course the Organisation has located 13 checkpoints through which it is obligatory to pass, and where the regulation checks will be effected.

10. Food and drink

There will be 13 refreshment points available, plus one at the finishing line. At these points, the participants will be offered energy products and refreshments (water, fruit, energy bars and drinks, etc.) 

11. Check points times

The maximum time allowed for reaching the finish line will be 8 hours, those that exceed the established time limit will lose all possibility of a final classification. In all respects, those responsible for the Organisation will have the authority to retire from the event those runners that do not achieve the expectations of the established times for the time check points. The same applies to all those who have infringed the rules of the event, have not completed the marked course, do not wear the regulation number in a clearly visible way, disregard the instructions of the organisers or maintain an unsporting attitude toward the other runners. To this end, the Organisation has planned for the participation of two runners who will act as the closure of the race. All those participants effected by a disqualification decision should hand in their number at the nearest checkpoint and leave the event following the instructions of the members of the Organisation.

12. Prizes

See prizes section.

13. Clasification

All classifieds will gain points towards the classification of the Golden Trail World Series.

14. Briefing

The Organisation will provide topographic information of the places through which the event passes, as well as the most important organisational details. We will announce the briefing format later. It is important that participants attend this information.

15. Number allocation

The method of pick up the bib numbers will be confirmed later.

16. Environment

The majority of the race passes through landscapes of exceptional natural beauty, therefore it will be obligatory for all to preserve the environment by not dropping litter outside the checkpoint areas. To this end, rubbish bins will be located up to a maximum distance of 100 metres from the checkpoint. The non-fulfilment of this elementary rule on the part of runners will because for disqualification.

17. First daid

The Organisation will make available Help and Rescue Services in the most strategic points of the course. It will also provide massage services, showers, toilets and first aid medical attention for those sportsmen and women who have a particular need.

18. Safety

The Organisation reserves the right to divert the race over an alternative route and to effect the modifications that it considers necessary in function of changing conditions. This includes the suspension of the event if the meteorological conditions make it necessary or in the case of an act of god, always with the prior agreement of the Race Committee.

19. Accident rescue

The participants are obliged to help those suffering accidents that are in need of help, as well as to inform the checkpoints of any mishap.

20. Responsibility

The Organisation accepts no responsibility in the case of accident or negligence, or for the personal possessions of each participant, although it will provide cloakroom facilities at the start-finish line. The participants will be responsible for all damage or injury that they may cause to themselves or to third parties.

21. Compulsory material

Runners have to wear windproof coat during the whole race. Sticks are allowed.

22. Health policy

We are part of QUARTZ Event program to protect your health and contribute to a doping-free sport. The contestants accepts the rules of the program when they inscribe.