Race Information

2015 Skyrunner World Series and Continental Champ 2015

42.195 kilometres / 5,472 metres of accumulated height gain.
17th of May 2015
ZEGAMA [Gipuzkoa]


A medium mountain route over the Aratz massif and the Sierra of Aizkorri which includes the four highest peaks in the Basque Autonomous Region ( Aratz – Aitzkorri –Akategi and Aitxuri ). From the town of Zegama ( 296m) it is climbed up to the high of Otzaurte (652m ) and then, from the mountain pass mentioned before, a route along paths and mountain tracks of great natural beauty. It combines forests, principally beech, with steep rocky slopes and high grazing land. It is very technical and with a high level of difficulty.

Date: 17th of may, 2015.
Start and finish: Zegama (Guipúzcoa) – 09:00 start.
Total length: 42.195 km.
Control points: 14
Refreshment points: 13
Flying sprint: Aizkorri ( 22.58 km )
Accumulated height gain: 5.472 metres
Maximum altitude: 1.551m Aitxurri
Minimum altitude: 296m Zegama.
Technical percentage of course: 70% approx.
Climate: medium mountain, possibilities of intense heat, strong winds, fog or rain.
Time limit: 8 hours.
Closing time of check points: Click the button to see the control time

ControlKmTimeTime limit
1OtzaurteKm 710:10h70min
2AtabarretaKm 13.511:20h140min
4Sancti SpirituKm 19.612:15h195min
5AitxuriKm 23.2013:30h270min
6OltzeKm 26.6014:25h325min
7UrbiaKm 28.5014:50h350min
8ItzubiagaKm 32.3015:30h390min
9MoanoKm 34.2016:00h420min
10OazurtzaKm 37.8016:30h450min
11ZegamaKm 42.2017:00h480min

3 hours, 48 minutes, 38 seconds (Kilian Jornet, masculine ).
4 hours, 38 minutes, 19 seconds ( Emanuela Brizio, feminine ).
Difficulty: Very high.
Maximum number of participants: 450